Black is beautiful 😍😍😍😍


Black is beautiful …. my name is imani
and i am pretty an so are you😘 no matter what anyone says you continue shine like the star  you are….

All eyes on you:roll::roll:


Teen / famous or rich which do you choose

             Famous or  rich
Being famous means alot to some of us
but everyone wants to be rich…..has a teen we are on our phone 24/7 on social medias ,  you put up a picture tag your so call friends ..that you haven’t even  meet , so you tag them they comment : baby , wife , sister etc and they dont even know your middle name sometimes not even your first name they know cause no one has there real name,like come on everyone wants the fame and in order to get the fame you have to do in things that gets you likes  and followers  but while you in your little social media world were you are famous or trying to get there  you have to act rich in most ways, like you  make sure you have a rich background, comb and fix hair for selfies , buy the latest trends , buy the latest gadgets .so you see what i mean now?  To me to be famous you have to be rich!! Some of us are not rich and still famous  and some are rich an not famous……. so what you think???  My opinion is famous person that is not rich is fake because they act has if they have  money etc or am i getting it wrng …..i think you can be both famous and rich you can use your fame to get rich  and if you are already rich and not famous but want to be you can use your  money to be famous….  so famous or rich?  or none!!